I’d recommend Eight Below. It’s in theaters now. Sure, it’s a kids’ movie, but it’s a good one, not full of fart jokes or gross-out humor. The characters are honest and have reasonable emotions. The dogs’ stories are personable, but not outlandish. There’s drama and comedy suitable for all ages. Kim and I both think you should go see it.

I’d also recommend Rent. It was in theaters for some very short time, like 3 weeks. Kim (and I) had really wanted to see it, but somehow we missed it. But, now it’s on DVD, so we snapped it up. I’m not big on musical theater. I guess a few junior high school experiences and The Producers turned me off, but I didn’t really care for Chicago, either. But Rent had good songs (I found myself humming them at work today – we’ll probably buy the soundrack “for Kim” at some point), a lot of energy, and a halfway decent story mixed in for good measure. And there was much less rough gay sex than in Brokeback Mountain! (Actually, there was none, in case that’s a sticking point for you.)