I came across this link on reddit today:


I felt like I had a lot in common with the author. We both left Christianity after extensive reading of the Bible (actually, because of extensive reading of the Bible). I went through a lot of the same emotions he describes at this site. Most of my objections to fundamental Christianity are listed on his site.

Of course, there are things we don’t have in common, too. He went further than me, into atheism, while I stopped at liberal Christianity (though that’s the difference between infidelity and heresy in the old me’s eyes). He was much more thorough and organized and serious in his studies than I ever was, and he went from firm entrenchment in Christianity with Church and Family. My journey was more lonely but with less resistance, and I wasn’t the trailblazer.

I’ve read through almost all of his site, and I’ve seen his detractors, but most of all I’m really impressed by his consistant ability to be polite, be considerate, and to say the right thing. There are lapses into conceit and sarcasm, but in an ironic way, his enthusiasm in his new-found freedom reminds me of Paul’s enthusiasm in the epistles.

I really think this is an especially good read for intelligent Christians who are interested in talking to intelligent non-Christians. I think there is a lot to be learned from honest eager apologists on both sides of the fence.