I just got back from a quickie trip to Orange County, courtesy of Netifice (the company I work for). They sent me out there to “finish training” Robert, a west-cost Netificer who had been out in Atlanta a few weeks earlier to learn how to do Activations. That’s what they told me, anyway – actually, I was out there to receive an award for good service, which means Kim and I will be going on a little mini-vacation next month for a few days, all expenses paid! I have to admit, I suspected something was amiss when I was being flown out at a cost of more than a thousand dollars to train someone who, by all accounts, was doing an excellent job, and no-one could come up with what I was supposed to train him in.

In any case, I took a few pictures, especially from the plane, as is my wont.

Downtown Atlanta

I really like this view (out an airplane window, that is)

A city in the shadows

Downtown Somewhere else

An Arizonan volcano (quite extinct, but you can see the river of lava-stone)


More impacts?

City Planning

Costa Mesa

Sunset at 20,000 ft


I got there a little early so I could visit a bit while out. I spent a day with Todd and Cindy, and an evening with Jill, Gavin, Dad, and Grandma Charlotte.

Good Times


Jill et herbs


I’ll probably post a few to my photo account on DeviantArt after I’ve had a chance to balance and crop a few of the plane pictures.