(This is basically a cross-post with the Coerablog

If you stop by the Coerablog, you’ll see that it has undergone a dramatic re-visualization.

There were two reasons for this:

1) I wanted to make it prettier. I always thought the old design was a bit of an eyesore, but it was unique, which was enough for me at the moment.

2) I wanted to make it more user-friendly and comprehensible. I’ve begun to understand more thoroughly that a number of people have gone to the Coerablog with the intention of browsing through the site, only to be fought back by confusing and inadequate organization and explanation.

Beside color/font changes, etc., there are two main improvements:

1) The top-nav will hopefully be a little more stimulating for the average browser. It’s currently broken in IE, but it works beautifully in Firefox, and I hope to bring Microsoft into line shortly.

2) On the right-nav, there are now links near the top that explain the site, how it is laid out, and how all of the different stories relate to eachother. Note that at the moment none of these links go anywhere useful, but I hope to change that once I get the top-nav working.

I’m very interested in comments or suggestions about how to further improve the site!