(Yes, I feel comfortable with the X, from a Christian perspective or otherwise. The early Christians regularly used the Chi as shorthand for Christ – I feel it is no disrespect to do the same. Even if I didn’t, I don’t think Jesus would be too upset with being distanced from the pagan winter solstice feast and its more recent trappings.)

I took this morning off work to put up Christmas lights for Kim. She’s having a Christmas work party at our house this Sunday, and it was far to rainy last weekend to be traipsing around the roof or teetering atop 20 foot ladders. Bright and sunny and 31 degrees is much more the atmosphere I prefer.

Kim likes the “icicle” look. I have to say, it does look pretty sharp, though I think I need to swap a fuse up there on the second story.

(The requisite “ghost” picture. I don’t think it’s a ghost. I’m pretty sure our house hasn’t been haunted for months.)

Kim says her Xmas tree is a work in progress. I think it’s beautiful…

…Especially with the angel I picked out on top. Kim says she looks African-American. I think she looks Eastern-Mediterranean, like a proper annunciation angel.

Some other Xmas decorations Kim put up with me in mind. She does a very good job of incorporating me into a holiday I used to have grave reservations about.

She does not like to have her picture taken!

One other decoration I picked out – a little Father Christmas. He’s upstairs in my drawing room.