Just a little bit before I heard about this movie, I started listening to Johnny Cash. I brought a large MP3 collection away from Vans with me (before we went our seperate ways, we all pooled our libraries (this has actually led to me buying CD’s I wouldn’t’ve otherwise – take that RIAA! Yeah, take that extra money I just gave you!)), and for the last year and a half I’ve been filtering through it, picking out the stuff I want to keep and deleting a lot of the rest. I’ve been culling out whole artists at a time, and Johnny would have suffered a similar fate, but I decided to give his greatest hits a listen first. And, guess what – they were great hits.

So I was excited for the movie. It had a buzz, and it looked good. Like the Spiderman movies and the Hulk movie, I was interested in the characters, but didn’t have an attachment to the details of their backstory.

From that perspective, the movie was great. Both Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon portrayed interesting, vital people with a good story, and their singing voices, while not too much like their real counterparts, fit their characters very well and were perfect in the movie.

Because it’s biographical, the story arc isn’t really too pronounced, but that’s the territory that comes with the genre.

I would definitely recommend it.