So I went flying on Saturday! Wood bought me a flight for my birthday like Dave, and I’ve been very slack in organizing it, but I scheduled it and went!

And I had a terrific time.

I did quite a bit of the actual flying, including taking off and turns and even a power-off stall, but I had the most fun watching out the window. I took a few pictures, which I’ll stick into this blog in short order, but mostly I watched out the window and just enjoyed the view. I think the pilot trainer was a little bit confused about why I wasn’t more interested in the flying itself (since technically this was the first hour in the 40 hours of training necessary for a pilot’s license), but he let me do a lot of looking, especially as we ran into traffic coming back in to land.

Look forward to pictures soon!

Update (10-NOV-2005): Pictures!

Brian Armstrong, the trainer, took a picture of us in flight. Once the plane is level, you don’t need to do to much to keep it that way, so it’s okay that neither of us are hanging onto the yoke.

There are so many nice views from above!

I had the hardest time finding Mom and Wood’s house because I kept looking for a hill. But from 3500 feet, a 30ft hill doesn’t show up too much. Their house is in the upper saddle of the “K” formed by the road (just about in the center of the shot).

Here’s a better, closer view.

Our house is much too close to Dobbins Air Reserve base for a 1st timer pilot to fly near.

Here’s Lake Allatoona, just behind Mom and Wood’s subdivision.

I caught this shot as we were heading back toward the airport.

Mom and Wood waited on the ground for me during the flight. She took a lot of pictures, which you can see at her blog.

Hah! I snuck in two other pictures that have nothing to do with the flight!

This rose tree took a heavy whacking by me after it knocked over our old fence, but it’s already coming back, even this late in the year! It’s the exact same kind of rose tree we had in the back yard at the Gard House, in case you were wondering.

The leaves were just beginning to turn in our little forest last weekend. Over this last week, they’ve really started to change into their autumn costumes, so I’ll have to take a new picture soon!