Since I’m working longer hours (45 hours in four days this week so far), and I’m not taking lunches, I’ve decided I should start taking smoke breaks like everyone else does. It’s a great opportunity just to stretch, get some outside air, and pull the headset out of my ear for a few moments. I really like kicking around in the leaves and the grass for 10 minutes or so and not worrying about how many people are waiting in line to talk to us (our phone queue has been rather heavy lately – more than we can possibly handle).

I’m not too keen on picking up cigarettes or taking a cigar smelling heavy of smoke the rest of the day, but I do have that terrific pipe I picked up in Savannah, and boy is that just the thing! I’m going to make a point of not making a habit of it, but 10 minutes of holding a pipe in your hand and looking at the sky can really center a fellow.