This last weekend Jenny and I went for a walk in the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield, which is quite the popular dog-walking place. I think she’s been lonely or homesick lately, but the prospect of getting in the car brightened her right up.

The park is really big – not quite El Dorado-sized, but in that direction. I’ve only been there twice now, but it’s one of my favorite places, and it’s practically in our backyard!

Jenny is a trailblazer, as long as we’re going downhill.

She liked to take breaks going uphill, though.

When we got back, I put Jenny in the backyard for a few hours by herself.

She really doesn’t like to be back there without someone else, but I’m trying to get her used to it so she can be outside during the day, like she was at the Gardhouse. For now, she’s reasonably comfortable exploring as long as someone else is out there with her.

Here’s what the fence looks like, by the way, or at least a portion of it!