I wasn’t really sure if Jill was being sardonic or serious with her suggestion that I post screenshots of the World of Warcraft game and post them on my blog. In way, it seems a terrific farce – I use blogs to live vicariously through my friends and family; were someone to do the same with mine, they would be living vicariously through a vicarious escapist outlet. In any case, I decided to do it once just for fun.

Barleybone (my character), standing outside the gates of the largest city in the region.

One of the ways Barleybone makes money and gains experience is through fishing. I was fishing a little too much though, it seems, since my pole broke that evening.

Barleybone taking air transport to Thunder Bluff. For a modest fee, you get a quick trip between cities and some excellent views.

I spun the camera around so you can see Barleybone from the front. He’s posing on one of the bridges that span the chasms between bluffs in Thunder Bluff.