Warning – mostly bugs!

This is the funnel-web spider I found scuttling around our living room. When I actually tried to catch her – boy, was she fast! And, unfortunately, she wasn’t very coordinated, either, as she had very little luck when scaling vertical surfaces. Most spiders I’ve caught make it out of a cup like this with little difficulty, but she just kept running around the perimeter of the floor until I came back with the camera, at which point she politely posed for me.

This little fellow was unfortunate enough to fall down between the wall and Kim’s greenhouse, from whence he was unable to escape. I later found him very well preserved, and thus quite agreeable for photography, of which I did a shoddy job.

This guy was just too good-looking not grab the camera for. I’m afraid he was heading for the same fate as the dragonfly above, though, as he couldn’t fly more than a few inches off the ground.

I went to Borders last week with Mom and Wood, and while I got away with only one book (and a bargain book at that), I couldn’t refrain from helping myself to their view.

I should probably post a picture of that garden box out front, which I’m still digging up and dismantling. Since I’m moving the dirt to where Kim will have a garden, I figured I’d leave most of the plant mass to mulch until she started planting. This lily, however, despite several weed whackings while out front (you can see the scarred leaves), a lack of rain, and being carelessly tossed about in a wheelbarrow, has been quite happy in the backyard, including blooming several months out of season!