I accidentally deleted my tattoo post from earlier. Really, it was an accident.

I put version 2 of the tattoo (in color) on DeviantArt.

And since the comments were deleted with the post, I’ll address them here:

Dad said:

The angel seems a little on the passive side. I’m not at all sure that angels (however good) wouldn’t be just as active and aggressive as devils. And just as terrible, but in a different way – a way that might possibly be difficult to portray with the palette of colors available to tattoo artists. Tattoos seem far better suited to darkness than light. I’m not at all sure you can get white, for instance. Have you looked into what colors they have available?

That’s a very good point! She is pretty passive. I was thinking, for a time, of drawing her along the lines of the battleangel than the singing/praying type, but I went for the the pacificist because: a) the angel and devil are taken from the two women in these drawings I did a long time ago, and the singer/prayer type seemed to match her better; b) The devil is actually more of a seductress than a hell-raiser, which, while not fitting the classical devil stereotype does correspond better to my experience with personal temptation – likewise, the ever-hopeful, positive, and woe-fully underly-righteously-indignant angel fit my experience with personal altruism. In that sense they represent the angel and devil on my shoulders.

I have, however, been mulling over the idea of several other tattoos, one of which is a back-piece of the apocalypse, including spiritually-terraforming angels descending on a cityscape. I think those angels will go more in the awesome, perhaps untattooable direction. I didn’t draw this picture, and I’m only posting it because I don’t believe it’s available on the web anymore, but it’s the basis of what I had in mind.

Oh, and all of the colors, including white, are now available, and it looks like their starting to make some real strides in color blending. The white can start to disappear into a pasty skin-tone like mine, but if it’s bounded by black lines, I think it will stand out pretty well (based on what I’ve seen on the tattoo shows on TV).

Sarah said: “sounds like a kinda painful/sesitive place – the wings at least”

I think you’re right – where the wings hit my collarbone, it will probably be pretty painful. But if other people can sit through it, I’m hoping I can, too! 🙂