I had the best sandwich in the world last night, and I made it myself. It was a Tuna Melt, which should be a surprise to no-one, as many of the better sandwiches in the world involve some kind of “melt”. I had stopped off on the way home to buy some fresh Sourdough bread, which is somewhat hard to come by in Georgia. After thoroughly buttering each piece of bread, I let them sizzle for awhile on medium-heated flat pan. I started the melt pretty much right away with a slice of Pepperjack cheese on each bread.

Ah, Pepperjack! So cheesy, so spicy! Such a wonderful compliment for tuna!

I mixed the tuna with just enough mayonnaise to hold it together – you don’t want too much, or the tuna will drip out the side. After the Pepperjack was starting to get melty, I covered both pieces of bread with tuna and let it melt a little longer. Finally, I topped off each side with a center-cut slice of tomato, and assembled the whole sandwich just as each piece of bread was a delicious yellowy-brown, buttery, crispity masterpiece.

I ate it with a plum to cleanse my palette, so I could enjoy each bite of the sandwich thoroughly. It was so good, I almost didn’t feel like dessert afterward.

* At that very moment, I don’t think there was a better sandwich anywhere in the world.