As promised, the vacation is coming to a close, so I’m posting a few pictures. Actually, I’m posting a ton of pictures, but I promise, I’ve only selected the ones I like the best out of more than 700. So there you go.

I thought I’d start off with an update to the house. We (especially Kim) spent a lot of time to get the house ready for our first extended guests, so it seems like a good time to show you how everything turned out:

Here’s the living room, decorated and presentable. We were really lucky that Kim was able to find so much furniture that matched the wood in the room. Kim also painted the accent stripe in the molding to match the couch.

Here’s the kitchen, which had the biggest change, as Kim pulled down all of the wallpaper and painted the walls with this cheery color of green. She powered right through this room, and is already talking about moving on to the next one.

We put up this dharma mirror in the stairway; in person, it looks like a window in the middle of the house, which is cool!

This is a slapdash composition of two pictures of the guest bedroom. It’s waiting for our next guests!

Lastly, I thought I’d toss in another sloppy composition – this one of the bonus room. You can really get a better idea of its size when you see all of the furniture in it.