Kim said that on the days she worked, we should go to all of the museums and take all of the hikes we pleased, so on one of the first days, Todd, Cindy, and I visited the Atlanta History Center. I didn’t take any pictures of the Museum itself (though it had a particularly good Civil War exhibit, and I didn’t even like Civil War History before that day), or of the Tulley House (a farm house and its outlying buildings moved onto the property), but they were both quite interesting. I did take a few pictures of the Swan house, which sat on the land used by the History Center.

This is the front of the house, seen from a walkway across from the carriageway leading up to the front door. It is the “English Side” of the house.

This is the side of the house, from the other side of the garden walk. That’s Cindy snapping a picture.

This is the rear of the house, or its “Italian Side”. We really liked the cascading fountains and tiered gardens. Todd is taking the picture, and Cindy is to his left.

Photographs of the inside were strictly forbidden.