While hacking away at a stump in our backyard this morning, I came across another rather large spider. This time I managed to get a good shot of it, so I thought I’d post it, and wrangle up some of the other animal shots Kim’s taken over the last few weeks:

She’s a wolf spider, with a body just a little under an inch. That large bulb behind her isn’t part of her body; it’s an egg sac. She’s about to be a mommy!

Another family – this one in the back corner of our front porch. The chicks hatched and grew so quickly! First it was just a little clump of twigs in the corner, then a writhing clump of gaping beaks, and now an empty nest and a dungheap on the floor of the porch. Thanks, guys!

One of the Squirrel SWAT team on a solo mission. Usually they work in a group to steal the birdseed from our bird feeder, but this guy’s got a side job.

Another Bandit.

Our Green Anole on his favorite perch.

We also had a hornet visit inside the house this last week, but I was too busy hunting him down and ensuring his destruction to take a nice portrait.

Scores of treefrogs sing carols to us every night, but I haven’t gotten any good shots of them yet (though there was this bad shot of one).

Heddy will be arriving with Todd and Cindy next weekend, and then we’ll have all of the animals we need!