Kim and I have not been proceeding with the redecorating quite as quickly as we hoped, but we’re still doing quite a bit. There’s a lot to do when you have a house! Of course, we (I) had to take some time off to watch Star Wars (twice), and then we spent most of Saturday shopping, originally for a filing cabinet, but that spun off in a search for a new keyboard, mouse, and monitor (for which I feel guilty, since that was the last of our moving-in money to buy new things with, but Kim gave me the thumbs up.

While we were at Fry’s picking out monitors, I picked up a spool of Cat5e (network cable) and a bag of clips. Our livingroom downstairs, along with the front and back porch, are the deadest zone for the wireless network, and, since that’s where we use it the most, that needed changing. Along with mowing the lawn, I spent most of Sunday crawling under the house, through the attic, along the eaves, etc. in order to find the best route to run the cable. So, now I have an 80ft line running through a hole in the wall, inside an eave and down along a vent pipe into storage room in the garage, next to a cold water pipe through the cobweb-strewn gap under the stairs, through a narrow gap around the copper pipe through the brick in the waterline, staple up under the crawlspace beneath three rooms, and up through a hole near the molding in the living room behind the TV. We picked up a second wireless router at Fry’s as well, and now not only can we surf consistantly, but the Xbox and Tivo have connections, too!