Kim and I bought more gardening tools, and did a bit of work in the yard. Among other things, I got a pickaxe. Yup, a pickaxe. Let images from hundreds of horror movies flit through your mind and pass – the weedwhacker is much more dangerous.

We have several rotting stumps in the backyard, and since I was frustrated with life on Sunday, I started whacking into them. I found a handful of these. They were about an inch and a half long and half an inch wide. Big suckers! Do a google image search on ““grubs”, and you’ll see a bunch of pictures of people eating them. I don’t think I’m ready to go that far yet, at least not until I have a good recipe.

On Saturday, Kim and I saw a green anole. He was sitting on the deck railing and was bright green, and bouncing up and down on his front legs. Every so often he blew out his dewlap and looking rather impressive. I went outside to see how skittish he was, and saw the female he was showing off for. I left him to his good intentions.

To those who saw the pictures of the big, flowering peonies in the front yard, I’m sorry. They’re pulled up now. The flowers had gotten so big that the stocks couldn’t support them, and they were sagging into the ground. The whole front box was looking rather ragged, so we started on the eventual leveling and yardening. We also pulled down that crazy trellis thing, erstwhile perch of the frog, and moved the birdbath to the backyard.

Our neighbor across the street, who we believe to be the wife of a preacher, drove out of her garage while we were picking up afterward. She said that they had been wondering what we would do with the front yard, which was getting wild and out of control over the last few years. When she saw us out in the front yard, she let on, she said “Thank you, Jesus!” Hee hee.