I’ve been promising pictures of the house for a long time now, and now that we’re the owners, and beginning to move in, I can finally deliver! Since I’m overdue, I’m putting up more pictures than anyone could possibly want. Hopefully, there’s not so many pictures that no-one thinks they need to visit…

Here’s the front of the house from an angle again, now that the trees are full. The two reddish trees in the front are Japanese maples – when the sun hits them, they glow like they’re on fire.

Here’s the front-on view of the house. It looks just about like it did in the original brochure.

This is a better shot of the side of the house with Kim’s porch. Cropped where it is, this picture looks like most of the houses Kim and I looked at, with the garage and a basement beneath the house.

The yard isn’t in great shape. There’s a lot of work for me there.

But there are a few flowers mixed in among the weeds:

Part of the front yard is a rock garden. Kim and I aren’t sure what to make of it, but it’s going away really soon.

The lady who sold us the house told us that at one point, there were 72 rose bushes in the front yard. Now I think there’s about 20. We’ll probably be keeping these here, and a few others, but most will be casualties of the re-landscaping. Eventually.

There’s Kim, watching from the bay window. She didn’t want to come outside, because the bugs – they were a’swarming.

This is Kim’s front porch:

The side of the house is heavy with ivy. Probably an eighth of the yard is covered by ivy, and it’s a big yard. Most of it will be cut back, though. Eventually.

Here’s the first shot of a backyard panorama:

The second:

The third:

Kim took a few pictures of the backyard, too, showing how big it is:

She also took pictures of the various flowers around the house:

This plant doesn’t have any flowers yet, but it will someday. It’s an hydrangea (and another of Kim’s photos).

This is our deck:

Kim took a picture highlighting the tree growing through the deck:

And the backdoor leading inside, into the breakfast area:

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