On to the inside – the first story.

This is the breakfast area, just off the deck. It’s so bright and sunny!

Here’s a shot Kim took out the door. Note the wallpaper. Every room downstairs has wallpaper, and eventually, it’s all going.

There’s a door to the garage off the breakfast area. That’s all of our stuff in there now.

The view from the breakfast area into the kitchen. It has so many cabinets!

This is our new refrigerator. It’s part of a Kitchen-Aid set with the oven and the dishwasher, but the old owner was going to take it with her, so we bought it! Yay!

The view into the dining room:

The wallpaper in the dining room:

The view out the dining room (bay) window (a bay window is a plus!):

The entryway, looking into the living room:

The front door:

The view up the stairs, from the entryway:

The living room. I didn’t get a good wallpaper shot of the living room, because it’s strange. I don’t think it would photograph well, but it has yarn in it. Yes. It’s strange.

A better shot of the living room:

Looking toward the front of the living room:

The fireplace. Kim and I are undecided about the brick and wood look, but it’s what we have, so we love it!

Behind the stairs is a hallway back into the breakfast area. Underneath the stairs is this nifty storage area:

And on the other side, the handy downstairs bathroom.

Next, upstairs to the bedrooms!