I’m starting to become rather excited by the CoeraBlog. Largely due to Anne’s prompting, I’ve increased the organization in the project, which has made it much more useful for me. It’s still a hack, but I think it may just work out to be what I was hoping – a location-independent (and even fairly resource-independent) catalogue of works in progress. I can update the same files from any computer at home, or even at work if it’s slow, without introducing the need to track versions. I’m fleshing out the skeleton of A Diamond in Snow now, and I’m antsy to write the story again, which is a good sign. I’m thinking it will end up somewhere about 90-110 pp of mass-market format when it’s done, which isn’t ideal for publication, but who’d want to buy it if it’s available for free online anyway? (At least, that’s what the RIAA says.)

Part of seriously attempting to write includes delving back into the iPod. I love the thing! How much delight it contains in 200 hours of music. It may be schitzophrenic to jump from Dead Can Dance to Faith No More to Enya to The Beastie Boys, but my jaw hurts from smiling.