It finally arrived!

From even before a heard about them, I wanted a tablet PC. Drawing on the Koala Pad back on the Commodore64 was great fun! As I’d started to see the benefits of drawing, or at least shading on the computer, I really wanted to try a pen-input device again. While I was at Vans, I often pined over the various tablet devices, but eventually I found out about the Wacom tablets, and I bought one of those instead. Time went by, and I forgot about the tablet.

But then I was browsing around the net and I found the one tablet I’d always admired most was now to be found on discount and refurbed. A little more digging and I found several of them on ebay. Kim convinced me that the purchase was a good idea (though probably as much to calm me down as anything), and now it’s here.

(Actually, it’s been here since Wednesday, but I’d hoped to draw up something spectacular before posting. As the learning curve for this style of input is about as steep as it was for me originally with just the Wacom, I’m instead posting a group of practice sketches:)