First, the promised pictures of Kim’s cool new (to us) PT Cruiser (it gets good reviews!):

From the front:

From the side:

From the rear:

Kim’s car is very spiffy, but I still love my Focus. There’s room enough in my heart for two cars.

I love clouds!

Here are some of the pictures I took of the house Kim and I are seriously considering. A few I took today as part of a drive-by, and a few I took on Wednesday during our 9-home grand tour. Hopefully I’ll be posting more tomorrow after our return visit.

A few angles of the front:

The deck in the back, with the tree growing through it:

The Work Room has track lighting – not pretty, but very good at its job:

The Master Bedroom has a nice green paint and a tray ceiling:

A Garden Tub!

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow!