Kim and I saw Hitch on Friday – what a funny movie! It wasn’t perfect – the end was a little hokie, just as the reviewers suggested, but there were plenty of laughs all around. Will Smith was great in his role, as were Eva Mendes and Kevin James. If you’re looking for a decent romantic comedy, this is a good one!

If you’re looking for a decent comedy period, don’t look at Anchorman or Napolean Dynamite. I rented both of those, and the only reason those 4 hours on Saturday weren’t a complete waste of time was that I read the news on the internet at the same time. I can see why both might have their adherants – Napolean Dynamite had its moments of unique quirkiness, some of which might have been funny if I were watching it with a bunch of other people and we could all laugh at it and drink a beer together. Maybe. Anchorman had that same sort of outlandish Saturday Night Live humor, and had about as many funny parts as your average episode of the same. The difference is, being live, SNL actors can tell when no-one is laughing and move things along. When Anchorman begins to fall flat, it just keeps falling.

By the way, go watch Constantine!