Eveningland is the second CD by HEM, and the second CD that I’ve bought by them. I bought the first CD, Rabbit Songs, because of one track on a compilation CD, and I listened to it over and over again. I think HEM falls into the Folk category, though if there was a Lullaby category, they could slip in there, as well. A review said they had Appalacian roots, but my sensitivities aren’t keen enough to pick that out. The lead singer has a dusky voice with the emotive sincerity of Beth Orton, and the band is big enough (I think there’s a string quartet, a clarinet, a guitar, and something else) to fill out the songs, but small enough to stay cozy.

I bought the second CD because of a nostalgia for the first, and because of a comment on that same review – someone had said that her very young child had all of the lyrics memorized and would sing along with the CD, and it seemed the perfect CD to have for a child – it’s intended for adults, in that it’s not condescending or geared for a certain age, but the lyrics and melodies are pure and simple, and wholesome, I think.

I recommend this CD fully.