I never saw The Hulk in theaters; Kim and I missed it somehow. We rented it on DVD later, and I thought it was great – I couldn’t understand why it had been panned. (It received 59% rotten reviews on RottenTomatos.com – just under the rotten threshhold. That was for the DVD – I think the theater release was worse). I saw the last half of it on cable on Saturday, and bought it on sale from Target on Sunday, then watched it through twice (once normal, once with Ang Lee’s commentary).

I think it’s my favorite superhero movie. That puts it ahead of either Spiderman or X-men, both of which were excellent. It puts it ahead of the Batmans, which isn’t too hard. It puts it ahead of the Supermans, and, yes, ahead of Constantine, Hellboy, or any of the other one-offs.

I’m not totally sure why I like it so much, though I’m sure Eric Bana and Jennifer Connelly are very empathetic actors for me. I thought the comicbook-stylings of the editing were flawless. The special effects on the Hulk himself were among the best I’ve seen, and I tend to be pretty hard on special effects. But there is also something that Ang Lee brings to movies, something that he brought to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon that was missing from Hero and The House of Flying Daggers – something poetic, something deep and refined and sincere.

Did any of you watch The Hulk? What did you think? How about compared to other superhero movies?

(Correction: The Hulk received 59% positive reviews on RottenTomatoes.com.)