We got it all today.

Kim and I went windowshopping for houses this morning, and it was foggy. When I left for work a little later, misty rain faded out ranks of trees as I turned the bends on the freeway. During work, the windows darkened over, then flashed and building boomed. The rain fell against the roof in waves, hard then soft, then not at all as the sun reflected off the wet driveway. Water and leaves dripped from the trees. Then the building boomed again, and the windows were dark, and the rain was pelting the roof again. Justin and I waited under the eaves for the rain to let up, but it started hailing, stones the size of peas, then lima beans. On the drive home, the rain hit the window so hard I couldn’t see, and then wasn’t there at all. Big welding arcs of lightning lit up the hollows between clouds, and lightning root systems flashed into the horizon, leaving inverse memories.

It’s still thundering now, but I don’t think it’s raining.

I really like the weather here. I just wish it would have snowed.