Kim and I were going to look for a house to rent, but on a lark I ran my figures through Lo, and behold, we’re pre-qualified/pre-approved for a $200k loan! So now we’ve been looking at houses in the Cobb County area with at least 3 bedrooms, between $160k and $180k (and a few that are a bit more and a few that are a bit less). But that search left so many houses for sale, so we’ve limited the search to houses in just Marietta and Kennesaw, to houses with at least 4 bedrooms, and mostly just to houses with big front porches and a basement (with some special exceptions). That still left several hundred houses, so we’ve selected our favorite 45 or so, and now Kim and I are driving around to take a look at the houses and the area they’re in. We’ve seen about 20 so far, but we’ve only been able to knock about 5 or 6 off the list so far. There are just so many good houses here!

If you can’t tell, I’m very excited – possibly even more so than Kim, which is a surprise.

Here are a couple of samples: