So, I think it’s silly that a scene of murder in a movie is sigh-worthy and a scene of sex is controversial, or at least worrisome to many parents. People are becoming a little more jaded to sex these days (or at least some people), but violence is even more overlooked.

Now, I’m as a big a plankeye as the next guy, and there are guns and death and violence in a lot of the things I write about, or draw, or whatnot. But, since I’m already moving into what I think should be an adult rating with all of that violence, I figured I should try to throw in an equal number of sex scenes. Okay, that would be pretty ridiculous and perhaps impossible (unless I was writing straight porn), but I’m trying not to shy away from sex scenes anyway, if I can handle writing violence.

So, what do you think about that? I’m really interested to know.

More to the point, I’m probably about halfway through a story that I think shares an audience with Playboy. I was originally planning on writing it for the magazine, but it looks like it’s going to end up being about 25 pages, which is way too long for Playboy.

Should I post the story, or a link to the story, here on the blog? Or would that kind of sexuality taint an otherwise fairly tame (if blasphemous) journal? I’d really like to know what anyone who might read this semi-regularly thinks. Has my admission that I’d write a story like that ruined your opinion of me already?