Yesterday (Saturday) was our first big freeze in Georgia. Starting late Friday night and through early Saturday morning, we had freezing rain, which actually is different from sleet or hail. By the time Kim and I finally made it outside (we’re late risers on the weekends), there was quarter- to half-inch layer of ice blanketing everything that was beginning to melt, meaning everything that was covered with ice was extremely slippery. We decided to go out anyway, and we spent the next half hour or so peeling sheets of ice armor from the Focus. We really only needed to clear the windows and the door handles, but once we started, it was too fun to stop.

It wasn’t particularly dangerous by the time we got on the road, since the cars before us had done a pretty thorough job of melting away tire tracks that were easy enough to follow. The only time things got slippery were during lane changes or turns, or trying to get in and out of parking lots.

After we got back from our trips I had a hankering to smoke a cigar and go for a walk, so Kim braved the beginning precipitation to try this nature trail that winds behind the apartment complex with me. Unfortunately, since it was shaded, most of it was still icy and we both took pretty good spills. I got off easier, since I have plenty of padding on my ass, but Kim landed on her knees, which are starting to develop nasty bruises. We turned back and walked through the parking lot instead.

So, this morning I went back down the trail, which had thawed completely except over the bridges. I did fall again, though, since I decided to stray from the trail down the side of an embankment and take some pictures of a stream down below. I actually made it down easily enough, but it was pretty tough getting back up from the stream bed.

I did take a few pictures, though, so I’m going to attempt my first blog pictures in a few minutes here and post several.