I’ve been sick the last few days. I’ve also been slacking on reviewing things, because I’m disappointed that my blog is full of reviews. Here’s some quickies, though:

House of Flying Daggers – I really didn’t like this movie. The plot was contrived, the ending was beyond melodramatic, and the effects and martial arts were so over the top that they weren’t that entertaining.

College Courses on CD – I listened to a course on the Aeneid, and another on Early Christian heresies. They were both great! I learned a lot. I love college courses on CD.

That’s why right now I’m listening to the King James Bible on CD. The Old Testament is narrated by Alexander Scoursby, who has that old bible-guy voice, and the New Testament is by James Earl Jones. I’m mostly through Exodus now, and cruising right along with my daily drive to and from work. I’ll probably be finished sometime in March. I’m actually learning quite a bit, especially in light of some of the things I learned in the Early Christian Heresies course. I’ve thought about posting what I learned each day, but I’m already behind.

Here’s what I noticed today:

God gave Moses 10 commandments, and Moses gave the Israelites about 30 or so more rules to flesh out the commandments. But when it came time for God to describe how he wanted the Israelites to build his house (the Tabernacle) – man, that took about 30 minutes to read. It was weird that God was so interested in the details of the tabernacle, but didn’t have too much to say on things like homosexuality, polygamy, and other things like that. Interesting to me, anyway.