Kim and I wanted to finish off this movie-packed weekend with another likely Oscar nominee. Since we had Oscar parties with Todd and Cindy several years ago, we got into the habit of trying to see all or as many of the big movies as possible – all of the Best Pictures, and hopefully most of the Best Actors and Actresses and the most interesting of Supporters.

If this movie wins any of its nominations, I’ll be very disappointed. I’m already disappointed that it’s likely to be nominated.

I didn’t hate anything about the movie, though it depressed me a bit because I overempathized with the main character. Mostly, it was just an innocuous sort of low-budget movie. The writing was okay, and the acting was okay, though I don’t see why people think Virgina Madsen did such a good job.

I think I really do dislike movies that have seriously flawed main characters, especially if I’m invited to empathize with them. I’m sure that’s biasing me. That definitely ruined Punch-drunk Love for me.

Even with that aside, rent Sideways if you’re looking for a movie you can read a magazine through and look up every once in awhile for an interesting part. Please don’t vote for it for any awards. Please. Give Man on Fire a chance.