Kim and I watched this movie all by ourselves. Though the theater could seat about 300+ people, Kim and I sat alone, in the middle of the second row. And we talked noisely whenever we felt like it and munched popcorn. I can understand if the general population of Georgia isn’t ready for extended scenes of homosexual kissing or frank discussion of any number of sexual “perversions” in the same way that, say, Californians or New Yorkers might be, but I thought there might be at least another 20 people or so. One of the theater staff came in and stood in the aisle to watch about halfway through, but I think he was too embarrassed to be there, since he slunk more than walked out.

I liked the movie quite a bit – it was something along the lines of A Beautiful Mind without as much drama and with sex instead of mathematics. Liam Neeson and Peter Saarsgard were the best in the cast. Though Laura Linney played her character to great sympathy, she didn’t stand out, and Chris O’Donnell’s character was forgettable.

I’m really interested in reading Kinsey’s two massive reports now, but since they’re textbooks and outdated, they’re very expensive and hard to find. Oh well.