Kim and I watched this DVD right after we arrived home from watching Finding Neverland in the theater. I’ll review that in a bit.

Saved! was a great movie. I might be more of the target audience than the average person out there, having gone to a private Christian school and church through the end of high school, but Saved! was both funny and pointful without being mean. With the exception of one scene near the end, the message of inclusion and finger-waggling against fundamentalist readings of the Bible was left between the lines, which worked well. All of the characters played their parts well enough, with the best performances coming from Mandy Moore and Macaulay Culkin.

An interesting thing about this movie is that it runs almost parallel to But I’m a Cheerleader!. The tone of the two movies are similar (though Saved! wasn’t as garish), but while the main character of Cheerleader went off to the reform school, Saved!‘s lead stayed back while her boyfriend went.

If you watch either movie, you’d be doing yourself a favor to watch the other as well – both should be worth your time.