The Coera-Ohida Timeline (as it currently stands):

1. Theogenesis (Essays)
How Mehr, the lonely Spirit, created the Pentiad.
How Baod the Jealous warred against the others.
How Patar-Ori, the redemption, created Coera from the heart of Baod.
…and other stories.

2. Pol and Enthess, and other Myths (one story in seven parts)
How Pol learned to be a man, and Enthess learned he was worthy of love.

3. Rythander (The story of Dafyd, son of Eva)
Rythander: Godswordsman
How Dafyd learns of his parentage and is confirmed.
Rythander: Brothers
How Dafyd is established as the right hand of the Glory-Wolf Returned, and war is declared.
Rythander: Death
How Dafyd brings war on the plains, and loses his mentor.
Palin’s Breath
How Dafyd’s childhood friend brings news of the loss.
Rythander: Rebirth
How Dafyd is married, enslaved, set free, and reunited.
Rythander: Son and Heir
How Dafyd leads the world to victory.
Rythander: Another Death
How Dafyd loses another, and is incited to a slaughter.
Rythander: Relations
A Prologue

4. Riel (The Story of Riel, son of Eva)
How Riel is thrown into it, and learns he is not alone. How he learns he is alone. How is success is a failure.
How Riel receives training. How he finds religion. How finds peace in turmoil.
How Riel gets revenge. How he finally succeeds. How he learns to let go.

5. Heaven Descended
How the world as we know it is brought to an End, and created anew.

6. Space Trilogy
A Diamond in Snow
How Man creates life.
Room at the Top
How Man exploits life for his own end, and saves it.
Monks in Space
How Man learns life can save itself, thank you very much.

7. Quincy (The Story of Quincy, son of Eva)
How Quincy is enslaved, and learns of the trouble back home.
How Quincy betrays his home in order to save it.