…Are now over. The rumors of the pollsters are also that 3 of 3 debates were won by Kerry, but I’m not so sure. If the measure of winning was who was the most clear, who got their point across most eloquently and efficiently, and who avoided looking like the bigger buffoon, then I’d say the pollsters are right, by a substantial margin. But the real test should be, who attracted the most undecided and new voters to their side, and we may not have an answer for that until November.

The thing that’s frustrating is that these two questions don’t necessarily have to have the same answer, especially where President Bush is concerned. He is declared a winner, or at least having accomplished what he set out to do, if he keeps from swallowing his own foot and manages to shoot off a couple of one-liners. I’m pretty sure that’s not just the incumbant’s advantage, either – I think people kind of feel sorry for the guy who has trouble saying “nuclear proliferation” and who has a goofy smile, and they think he’s “just people” like them and sees their point of view.

I’m really struggling to like Bush – I feel like if half the country can like him so intensely, he has to have some really stellar qualities. I don’t dislike him as a dude, as a character on his ranch down in Texas – he’s perfect there. But as the guy in charge of steering the country’s boat? Really? Some people like him because he’s consistent, but it’s starting to drive me nuts. He drops the “flip-flop” bombs on Kerry, and after a few good detonations, Kerry actually came up with a pretty good explanation – one that reasonable people would nod at and look for something else to focus on. But Bush and his group just keep saying the same thing, like they didn’t hear what Kerry said and don’t think we did either. Sticking your fingers in your ears and saying “Nyah, nyah, nyah” all the time may be consistent, but if you’re still doing it when someone’s trying to explain that you’re about to walk across the freeway, it just makes you stupid.

If someone could give me some reasons to like Bush and be proud of what he accomplished in the last 4 years, I’d be very thankful. Please?