: reading –

Beyond Belief
by Elaine Pagels
(non-fiction: a discussion of the Gospel of Thomas)

The Word
by Irving Wallace
(fiction: an older novel more or less in the vein of the DaVinci Code, or so the cover declares – it’s not so great so far)

The Urantia Book
by the Urantia Foundation
(religion(?): something I discovered from the Wikipedia – the so-called “fourth revelation” – much of it is a retelling of the life of Jesus, which has been very interesting so far)

: writing –

not much of anything, but I’m still laying the groundwork on A Diamond in Snow and Heaven Descended.

: drawing –

Todd’s LB3 is still on the burner.

I downloaded Daz Studio, Bryce, and a bunch of content, so I’m starting to figure those out.

: watching –

Star Wars!
by George Lucas (or, if Amazon is to be believed, by Harrison Ford).
(I have the DVD set, but I haven’t yet watched anything beyond the special features disk – I’m still very excited)

: listening –

my iPod
(but I’ve had a hankering for The Corrs lately)